Time to reopen the shop

After years of inactivity and no interest to maintain a Linux distribution on my end I’m we are preparing to reopen the Yoper Linux resources that I’m hosting and paying the bills for.

I had a very interesting time maintaining this project and I’ve enjoyed it very much. Many of the reasons of running your own distribution are gone, with many of the ideas introduced via Yoper now incorporated via mainstream linux distributions. Linux is as big a part of my life as ever, just that I don’t feel the need any more to run my own Linux desktop distribution. The Linux desktop has come a long way and it does what I need to do in pretty much any major Linux distribution.

If someone, preferably one that I know, is willing to take over the resources, code etc. please contact me either via comment or per email to arrange a handover. Otherwise I’ll be shutting down the servers by the end of this year.

I’ll proudly remember maintaining this distribution for the last 8 years and the people I’ve met during this time. I’m not gone, just moving one :) .

Kia Ora

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Latest developments

After more than a year of silence on the frontpage, it is more than time to provide a couple of updates.

The current efforts are focused on getting Ubuild work for multiple architectures as well as multiple distributions. While both of these ideas were clear from the outset, a simple but major road block was that Yoper Linux was only 32bit.

That has been remedied in the last couple of weeks, with a native 64bit Rebuild of Linux as well as ARM* versions of Yoper Linux. However, any official release to the public of these versions will only occur <after> the build system of Yoper Linux has been relaunched to work based on the current development tree of Ubuild to ensure we can properly manage any further changes to the packages via a streamlined and unified interface.

Personally my main focus will remain in the world of terminals and IDEs so the next announcement will likely be once we have a set of cd images worthwhile releasing to the public.

Take Care




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DNS Hiccups

While cleaning up the DNS entries for yoper-linux.org I’ve missed a few CNAME records that pointed to an A record I’ve deleted. As such ftp.yoper-linux.org and powerplant.yoper-linux.org will be unavailable for approx 24 hours until the updated DNS records have been globally redistributed.

You can add these 2 entries to your /etc/hosts file to work around the problem. powerplant.yoper-linux.org ftp.yoper-linux.org

Sorry for the hiccup.

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Leaping forward

Charged up from an excellent off time in Turangi and Pakiri Beach I was eager to get back into gear with Yoper. But acknowledging that I am not the person to enthuse the masses, but rather someone who likes to tinker I was looking for collaboration on an idea that had slowly evolved over the years. An open build system which does take away the mundane elements of packaging and enables the non technically minded to contribute.

At the core of the effort are currently Matthew Dawkins and Derrick Devine from Unity Linux and I. Matthew has an excellent focus on the users and Derricks talent can be seen in one of the best announcements I’ve seen over the years.

So, for details of what ubuild is about and how it impacts you , please read this excellent writing below :


In the future I’ll use this section to articulate thoughts that relate to ubuild. But for now, off to do some coding :) .

Hope to be seeing you around

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Bye bye lighttpd, welcome nginx

Lighttpd has served us well here in the past, but over the last couple of weeks it became obvious that despite tuning and tweaking it is just not up to the task. We’ve finally switched to nginx and I think the results speak for themself :) . Enjoy a smoother and faster stay on *.yoper-linux.org :) .

Ah and while we’re at it: who has downloaded the latest nightly isos? Currently they’re stocked with latest x and mesa + kernel 2.6.36 . KDE is at version 4.5.95 and Xfce at version 4.8.0 , releases are in preparation.

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Changing into 2nd gear, rpm5 almost ready to use here.

The update to rpm5 looks promising . With plenty of help and guidance from jbj over @ http://rpm5.org/ as well as Anders F Björklund we now got an rpm5 version that will allow us a rather smooth transition period.

I’ve got a working rpm5 version now that is almost a drop in replacement to rpm4 . While it works rather nicely on the desktop there are still kinks to be sorted in the buildsystem. Until I’ve got the confidence it will _NOT_ break our infrastructure and prevent us from pushing out those 500 pending updates I’ll hold off on rpm5 and will focus on testing to make sure this will indeed be a smooth experience.

So bear with me and after the weekend we should have loads of shiny updates.

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Getting into gear for next development cycle

As some of you are aware the next development cycle is about to be kicked off.

The guts of it is already done. A long overdue update to perl 5.12 and python 2.7 is included . There’s still quite some testing to do to make sure the upgrade procedure is stable.

The kernel has been updated to 2.6.35 and Xorg 1.9x Initial test on intel and nvidia hardware look promising. As always we’re short on ATI hardware. So if you can spare some time drop by in the IRC channel and ask how to test.

A big chunk of work is left in upgrading from rpm4 to rpm5. Once this is done we’ll start pushing out nightly iso images again. The next stage is then to overhaul the installer, replace yaird with dracut and then provide a boot image which is suitable for booting from USB as well as from CD. From there it’s then only a minor step in also providing a XEN client image. This website already runs on a Yoper Xen Client so this is just a minor step.

But were the fun really is for me this year is in the contributor interface. It’s early days still, but I was able to build in features in an afternoon that were simply out of reach with PHP . With a few more weeks of rails experience under the belt I want to implement ACLs now, which is required to add the features I really like to see in there. But that’s to be written in another post.

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Yoper 2010.1 – Codename Dresden Reloaded available


its done! Second release of Yoper in 2010 with  KDE 4.4.5 and many Updates available.

When Tobias is back we make a full Release Announcment.

greets from Black Forrest


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Yoper 2010 – Codename Dresden available

After an extended RC1 period and a few hiccups with our main server we’re finally happy to announce the immediate availability of Yoper Linux 2010. The RC2 feedback was a big thumps up from all sides.

So what’s in it? A well tuned 2.6.33 kernel with focus on desktop interactivity and rich driver functionality. For those who look at gaining an extra inch of interactivity get the kernel-bfs package installed. It contains an alternative CPU scheduler which is aimed at the average desktop CPU, instead of the broad range of CPUs the main kernel scheduler has to support.

The release is available with the following desktop environments: kde4, kde3, lxde and xfce.

So if you enjoy Linux and are looking for a little bit of extra speed, Yoper Linux might just be the right thing for you. Have a test drive and download it. And of course, please let us know what you think of it.

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First Developer How To up again

I’ve been asked to provide a small how to how to build yoper packages.

As a first step here’s a how to setup your build environment. We use a very structured approach to building packages. The goal is to achieve reproducibility. This will allow anyone who attempts to reuse our recipes to rebuild Yoper packages and have exactly the same software package as the Yoper Community has built. Vice versa, if you follow these guidelines you make it very easy for us to include your software build recipes in our build environment.

Any input welcome. However if you find errors in the how to, please edit it directly and help to improve the documentation.

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