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Progress (1)

Written by TobiG77

The main software repository is now available at its final place and no further outages are expected on this end.

The collaboration interface is at least up and running, but it lacks the content. I’ll still attempt to recover information from the database but it does not look to good at this stage.

As you may have noticed the site is rather locked down right now. Due to many things being shifted around and security measures not in place yet this will stay for approximately another week. However anyone willing to help out should contact me directly so that we can add individual accounts for now.

About the RC2 release … . Well technically we could do it right now … . However I’d like to have our infrastructure in place again to process any feedback in a proper way. Right now we have no means of building packages in a structured way . So until at least the svn repository is up and running again and at least allows us to store our team efforts I’d like to hold off. Any input appreciated … .

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One Response to “Progress (1)”

  1. arnulf says:

    Moin Tobi, Moin World
    Well done website now!
    The pre rc2 runs well and i think YOPER is on its way.
    greets Arnulf