Leaping Forward

Charged up from an excellent off time in Turangi and Pakiri Beach I was eager to get back into gear with Yoper. But acknowledging that I am not the person to enthuse the masses, but rather someone who likes to tinker I was looking for collaboration on an idea that had slowly evolved over the

DNS Hiccups

While cleaning up the DNS entries for yoper-linux.org I’ve missed a few CNAME records that pointed to an A record I’ve deleted. As such ftp.yoper-linux.org and powerplant.yoper-linux.org will be unavailable for approx 24 hours until the updated DNS records have been globally redistributed. You can add these 2 entries to your /etc/hosts file to work

Latest Developments

After more than a year of silence on the frontpage, it is more than time to provide a couple of updates. The current efforts are focused on getting Ubuild work for multiple architectures as well as multiple distributions. While both of these ideas were clear from the outset, a simple but major road block was that Yoper

Zum Herunterladen

Hier die momentan zum herunterladen empfohlenen CD Images. KDE4 , Die beste Wahl, wenn die Dinge einfach funktionieren sollen. SLIM CD, eine super minimale Version die nur für fortgeschrittene Nutzer empfohlen ist. Genau das richtige für den Eigenbau, experimentieren oder als Notfall CD. Diese Version enthält keinerlei graphische Benutzeroberfläche. LXDE Desktop, Version für Netbooks oder ältere