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Leaping forward

Charged up from an excellent off time in Turangi and Pakiri Beach I was eager to get back into gear with Yoper. But acknowledging that I am not the person to enthuse the masses, but rather someone who likes to tinker I was looking for collaboration on an idea that had slowly evolved over the [...]

Yoper 2010.1 – Codename Dresden Reloaded available

Moin, its done! Second release of Yoper in 2010 with  KDE 4.4.5 and many Updates available. When Tobias is back we make a full Release Announcment. greets from Black Forrest Arnulf

Yoper 2010 – Codename Dresden available

After an extended RC1 period and a few hiccups with our main server we’re finally happy to announce the immediate availability of Yoper Linux 2010. The RC2 feedback was a big thumps up from all sides. So what’s in it? A well tuned 2.6.33 kernel with focus on desktop interactivity and rich driver functionality. For [...]


With the relaunch of yoper-linux.org in a multilingual fashion support for the German community will be available here. After discussion with the owner and operator of yoper.de we agreed to point the domain to this website, too. Thanks to anyone who has used yoper.de in the past and welcome onboard. Best Regards Arnulf

Yoper Linux 2010 RC2 available

Actually now just a formality, we are happy to finally announce the availability of Yoper Linux 2010 RC2 . For download links please go to our download page. Seeing that we already received good response we aim to do the final release at the end of April. If you want to provide any feedback, please [...]