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Leaping forward

Charged up from an excellent off time in Turangi and Pakiri Beach I was eager to get back into gear with Yoper. But acknowledging that I am not the person to enthuse the masses, but rather someone who likes to tinker I was looking for collaboration on an idea that had slowly evolved over the [...]

Changing into 2nd gear, rpm5 almost ready to use here.

The update to rpm5 looks promising . With plenty of help and guidance from jbj over @ as well as Anders F Björklund we now got an rpm5 version that will allow us a rather smooth transition period. I’ve got a working rpm5 version now that is almost a drop in replacement to rpm4 [...]

Getting into gear for next development cycle

As some of you are aware the next development cycle is about to be kicked off. The guts of it is already done. A long overdue update to perl 5.12 and python 2.7 is included . There’s still quite some testing to do to make sure the upgrade procedure is stable. The kernel has been [...]

First Developer How To up again

I’ve been asked to provide a small how to how to build yoper packages. As a first step here’s a how to setup your build environment. We use a very structured approach to building packages. The goal is to achieve reproducibility. This will allow anyone who attempts to reuse our recipes to rebuild Yoper packages [...]