Leaping Forward

Charged up from an excellent off time in Turangi and Pakiri Beach I was eager to get back into gear with Yoper Linux. But acknowledging that I am not the person to enthuse the masses, but rather someone who likes to tinker I was looking for collaboration on an idea that had slowly evolved over the years. An open build system which does take away the mundane elements of packaging and enables the non technically minded to contribute.

At the core of the effort are currently Matthew Dawkins and Derrick Devine from Unity Linux and I. Matthew has an excellent focus on the users and Derricks talent can be seen in one of the best announcements I’ve seen over the years.

For more articles like this hop over to this post on the Yoper Linux website.

So, for details of what ubuild is about and how it impacts you:

In the future I’ll use this section to articulate thoughts that relate to ubuild. But for now, off to do some coding.

Hope to be seeing you around

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