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After more than a year of silence on the frontpage, it is more than time to provide a couple of updates.

The current efforts are focused on getting Ubuild work for multiple architectures as well as multiple distributions. While both of these ideas were clear from the outset, a simple but major road block was that Yoper Linux was only 32bit.

That has been remedied in the last couple of weeks, with a native 64bit Rebuild of Linux as well as ARM* versions of Yoper Linux. However, any official release to the public of these versions will only occur <after> the build system of Yoper Linux has been relaunched to work based on the current development tree of Ubuild to ensure we can properly manage any further changes to the packages via a streamlined and unified interface.

Personally my main focus will remain in the world of terminals and IDEs so the next announcement will likely be once we have a set of cd images worthwhile releasing to the public.

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