Time To Close Shop

After effectively 1 year of inactivity and no interest to maintain a Linux distribution on my end I’m preparing to close down the Yoper Linux resources that I’m hosting and paying the bills for.

I had a very interesting time maintaining this project and I’ve enjoyed it very much. Many of the reasons of running your own distribution are gone, with many of the ideas introduced via Yoper now incorporated via mainstream linux distributions. Linux is as big a part of my life as ever, just that I don’t feel the need any more to run my own Linux desktop distribution. The Linux desktop has come a long way and it does what I need to do in pretty much any major Linux distribution.

If someone, preferably one that I know, is willing to take over the resources, code etc. please contact me either via comment or per email to arrange a handover. Otherwise I’ll be shutting down the servers by the end of this year.

I’ll proudly remember maintaining this distribution for the last 8 years and the people I’ve met during this time. I’m not gone, just moving one :) .

Kia Ora

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