There might always be a moment where you get stuck or things just ended up in pieces. This page should help you to get back on track in the shortest amount of time, but also in appreciation that this Open Source Projects is purely voluntary.

Check homepage of the Software Project

Yoper has a strong focus on resolving issues with the individual upstream software projects. If you have an issue with a specific piece of software and how to configure it, your best source of information is the homepage of the software project. If you are unsure where to look check out our repository view.


If you need help with procedures or are looking for an how to have a look in the Yoper User 2 User Wiki .

Software Faults

If you think software is configured wrong, or simply not behaving as it should you should provide us detailed information of it. The better you describe your problem and the more you are willing to follow issues up the higher is the chance of resolution. Most issues are tied to specific circumstances. Determining and understanding those circumstances can be key to resolving issues. This can only happen with good bug reports. If you want to file one, or want to check whether someone else might have run into the same issue as you, check our contributor interface .

Live Chat
If you need urgent help you should try our live chat. Be mindful though, if you cry wolf too often you might not get help when you need it most.

Mailing Lists
If you want to get our attention on policies or things that require wider discussion please use our mailing list at